HIF Releases Our FY18 Capacity Building Grant Awards Press Release

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The Healthcare Initiative Foundation FY18 Capacity Building Grant Awards

The Healthcare Initiative Foundation Awards FY18 Capacity Building Grants to 15 Organizations, Projected to Serve 12,026 Individuals and Generate $563,000 in Additional Revenue

 Montgomery County, MD – April 18, 2018 – The Healthcare Initiative Foundation (HIF) awarded $663,000 in FY18 Capacity Building Grants to support 15 organizations in Montgomery County working to provide high-quality, comprehensive, and sustainable healthcare. HIF’s grants support (3) three priorities: to improve the quality and availability of comprehensive healthcare; to build capacity of the healthcare network; and to grow a highly skilled and culturally competent healthcare workforce. These grants are projected to serve 12,026 unduplicated Montgomery County residents, and build capacity of the healthcare network by generating a projected $563,000 in additional revenue.

WSM & HIF Partner to Expand Number of Scholarships to USG Nursing Students

WorkSource Montgomery partners with Healthcare Initiative Foundation and University of Maryland School of Nursing at USG to meet demand for nurses

WorkSource Montgomery (WSM) is proud to venture with the
Healthcare Initiative Foundation (HIF) and the Universities at Shady Grove (USG), tocaccelerate the pipeline of Montgomery County residents earning their Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BSN). As an extension of the Rx for Employability grant, WSM received a two-year $200,000 EARN (Employment Advancement Right Now) grant from the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation to address the critical
nursing shortage in the County.

“We want to focus on training Montgomery County residents for careers that build a culturally competent workforce, are in high demand and provide sustainable wages,” said Ellie Giles, CEO of WorkSource Montgomery. “Over the next 10 years there is a projected need for more than 250 registered nurses in the County.”

Recognizing the Healthcare Initiative Foundation’s successful RN-to-BSN workforce pipeline scholarship program with the University of Maryland School of Nursing, WorkSource Montgomery will provide HIF with EARN funds to supplement tuition supports to more than 60 Bachelor of Science in Nursing students over the next two years.

“The University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Nursing is one of the top nursing schools in the country, and USG is very proud to support the strong presence they have established in Montgomery County,” said Stewart Edelstein, Executive Director of the Universities at Shady Grove. “We look forward to partnering with the Healthcare Initiative Foundation, WorkSource Montgomery and the School of Nursing to further expand the opportunities for students to obtain their nursing degree now and in the future.”

Along with providing scholarships, WSM and the HIF will work collaboratively with the health industry, education and community partners to leverage current resources and realign existing programs to expand clinical rotation opportunities. “HIF is excited about the opportunity to further expand our BSN pipeline with USG in collaboration with WorkSource Montgomery though the Maryland EARN grant,” said Crystal Townsend, President of the Healthcare Initiative Foundation.

WSM EARN Partnership Release

Mary’s Center Expands Services to Saturdays in Montgomery County

More than 400 new participants will benefit from the expanded hours. Since its opening, the Silver Spring location serves nearly 4,000 residents a year.

Silver Spring, MD – Starting June 1, 2016, Mary’s Center will expand its hours of operation to include Saturdays to meet the increased need for medical services in Montgomery County. With this expansion, the Center anticipates serving more than 400 new participants per year.

Mary’s Center, which is based in Washington, DC, extended its services to Maryland in 2008 due to the urgent need identified in Montgomery County and the lack of affordable medical services available to low-income residents. In 2015, the Center served nearly 4,000 County residents, 62% of whom were uninsured.

In addition to extending its hours of operation, Mary’s Center is planning to relocate to a larger facility, as a long-term strategy to overcome space constraints and meet the high demand for services in Montgomery County. The move, scheduled for 2017, will enable the Center to provide medical and dental care, behavioral health, social services and health education to a larger population in one of the underserved areas in the County.

Mary’s Center has two medical locations in DC, one in Montgomery County and one in Prince George’s County. A new facility is under construction in the Fort Totten neighborhood in Northeast DC and is scheduled to open in fall 2016.

Current Mary’s Center patients or Montgomery County residents in need of medical services can make an appointment by calling 1-844-796-2797 or visiting www.maryscenter.org.

Good News for Montgomery County’s Underprivileged Residents as Safety-Net Clinics Transform Business Models

Primary Care Coalition and safety-net clinics receive $600,000 multi-year grant to implement new Business Model Transformation project to improve the access and quality of care for underprivileged residents.

The Healthcare Initiative Foundation (HIF) has awarded a $600,000 grant to the Primary Care Coalition to implement business transformation for long-term sustainability at four safety-net clinics that serve Montgomery County residents with limited resources. With this funding, the PCC and participating clinics will strengthen and grow the high quality, comprehensive, cost effective safety-net health care system in Montgomery County. The participating clinics include Catholic Charities Medical Clinic (CCMC), Mansfield Kaseman Clinic, Mercy Medical Center, and Muslim Community Center Medical Clinic. Two additional clinics are expected to join the program in the future: Mobile Medical Care, Inc., and Proyecto Salud.

With this funding from the Healthcare Initiative Foundation, the PCC and clinic partners will implement a “Business Model Transformation” (BMT) project to improve clinic sustainability and strengthen the health care safety net. The PCC is providing technical support to assist these clinics to become Medicaid providers so they can continue to serve previously uninsured patients who now have Medicaid. They will also begin to serve new Medicaid patients.

The PCC strives to ensure that low-income, uninsured and underinsured community members have access to high quality health care. These individuals are ethnically and linguistically diverse. The PCC manages Montgomery Cares and Care for Kids. These programs are public private partnerships that leverage county funding as well as grants, donations and in kind services from the private sector. They served nearly 25,000 adults and 4,000 children in the fiscal year of 2015 (FY15). Through these safety-net programs, under resourced residents of Montgomery County receive primary care, specialty care, access to medications, and behavioral health services.

The Primary Care Coalition works with clinics, hospitals, health care providers, and other community partners to coordinate health services for low-income, uninsured residents of Montgomery County, Maryland and the National Capital Area. Our vision is a community in which all residents will have the opportunity to live healthy lives. PCC is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. www.primarycarecoalition.org