Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can our organization apply in more than one category?

Please pick your highest priority and submit just one application to HIF for consideration per fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).

HIF’s grant categories are:

  • Capacity Building grants. Applications available October 2017 and due in late 2017 with awards announced February 2018;
  • Small grants, maximum of $5,000 – application due March 31, 2018 and awarded in June 2018.

2) What about collaborative applications? If we apply for or have received a grant as an organization individually, may we apply again with other organizations for another grant?

  • Yes, the Foundation board encourages collaboration.
  • Collaborative applications are welcome in both healthcare service delivery and capacity building.
  • For a collaborative application, please pick a lead agency and contact person.

3) How do we apply?

a. Please review the Foundation’s general grant guidelines on the guidelines page.

b. Grant applications and reports must be submitted via our on-line system:

  • We fund organizations that align with the mission, grantmaking priorities and with which we have a continuing relationship.
  • Please note that a site visit is typically required of organizations applying for the first time, prior to the board meeting at which the application will be considered.
  • To request a site visit, send an email to Foundation President Crystal Carr Townsend.
  • Grant applications are available on-line at www.grantinterface.com/healthcareinitiative/Common/LogOn.aspx approximately six weeks before they are due. Registered users can log in to their account to access the application; new users will need to create an account and enter the organization’s Tax Identification number (EIN).

4) Who is eligible to apply for small grants?

  • Nonprofits that provide healthcare services in Montgomery County, MD which have received no other funding from HIF earlier in the fiscal year (July 1- June 30) are eligible.
  • If you have not applied during the fiscal year, or applied and did not receive a grant, you are eligible to be considered for a small grant.

5) What if we have an emergency need?

  • If waiting until the board’s next scheduled review of similar grants poses a considerable hardship, please contact Crystal Carr Townsend.

Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page.