Good News for Montgomery County’s Underprivileged Residents as Safety-Net Clinics Transform Business Models

Primary Care Coalition and safety-net clinics receive $600,000 multi-year grant to implement new Business Model Transformation project to improve the access and quality of care for underprivileged residents.

The Healthcare Initiative Foundation (HIF) has awarded a $600,000 grant to the Primary Care Coalition to implement business transformation for long-term sustainability at four safety-net clinics that serve Montgomery County residents with limited resources. With this funding, the PCC and participating clinics will strengthen and grow the high quality, comprehensive, cost effective safety-net health care system in Montgomery County. The participating clinics include Catholic Charities Medical Clinic (CCMC), Mansfield Kaseman Clinic, Mercy Medical Center, and Muslim Community Center Medical Clinic. Two additional clinics are expected to join the program in the future: Mobile Medical Care, Inc., and Proyecto Salud.

With this funding from the Healthcare Initiative Foundation, the PCC and clinic partners will implement a “Business Model Transformation” (BMT) project to improve clinic sustainability and strengthen the health care safety net. The PCC is providing technical support to assist these clinics to become Medicaid providers so they can continue to serve previously uninsured patients who now have Medicaid. They will also begin to serve new Medicaid patients.

The PCC strives to ensure that low-income, uninsured and underinsured community members have access to high quality health care. These individuals are ethnically and linguistically diverse. The PCC manages Montgomery Cares and Care for Kids. These programs are public private partnerships that leverage county funding as well as grants, donations and in kind services from the private sector. They served nearly 25,000 adults and 4,000 children in the fiscal year of 2015 (FY15). Through these safety-net programs, under resourced residents of Montgomery County receive primary care, specialty care, access to medications, and behavioral health services.

The Primary Care Coalition works with clinics, hospitals, health care providers, and other community partners to coordinate health services for low-income, uninsured residents of Montgomery County, Maryland and the National Capital Area. Our vision is a community in which all residents will have the opportunity to live healthy lives. PCC is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization.

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