BlackRock Hub Gets Recognition

When a community comes together with innovative solutions for complex problems amazing things can happen! Montgomery County created a video highlighting the work being done at the Upcounty Consolidation Hub. View the video here.

The team of community leaders including HIF’s President & CEO, BlackRock Center for the Arts Executive Director, County Executive Marc Elrich, and Grace Rivera-Oven.

When COVID closures started in March 2020, BlackRock Center for the Arts converted from a performance and event venue into a community consolidation hub providing meals, groceries, COVID relief kits, diapers, and more to residents living Upcounty. Healthcare Initiative Foundation is one of the proud investors of this forward-thinking work. This piece, created by Montgomery County Council Media, highlights all the pieces and partners that have to come together each and every day to provide cohesive services to our community.

To learn more about the hub, what items and donations are needed, or if you need to inquire about receiving assistance, visit the BlackRock website.

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