Building Equity Webinar Series Continues

On Tuesday, November 17th, HIF will resume its Building Equity Webinar Series with the topic “Creative Kits: Innovative Ways to Serve Our Youth Population“. In March, HIF put a hold on hosting its future episodes in the series due to COVID response priorities. We are excited about being able to take this Webinar Series as an opportunity to highlight the amazing, innovative responses of our nonprofit community in response to the pandemic and its impact on our region.

The next episode will highlight the work of EveryMind and Arts on the Block. Despite the ever-changing road map, our community partners have developed and implemented innovative ways to reach their program participants, especially their younger constituents.  One of those methods of outreach has been the implementation of take-home customizable ‘kits’ for program participants and clients – art kits and therapy kits!

Register is free and now open to any interested participants. You can register by clicking on this link.

If you have an idea for a future topic, please reach out to Jessica Fuchs at

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