Maryland Releases Recommendations for Nonprofits

On May 13th, Governor Hogan released his updated Roadmap to Recovery Plan and the initiation of Phase I and the release of the Stay at Home order.

As a part of Maryland’s Roadmap to Recovery, Governor Hogan launched a Nonprofit Advisory group through the Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives to get valuable ongoing input during the recovery from religious groups and nonprofit organizations. HIF’s President and CEO, Crystal Townsend, was honored to be a part of this Advisory Workgroup.

To view the recommendations put forward by the Nonprofit Advisory Workgroup click here. This document does not have any authority and these are suggested recommendations, a synthesis of the work group’s discussions, for the Governor’s consideration. Every jurisdiction may add additional restrictions or guidelines recognizing the different conditions in areas throughout the state and that a one-size-fits-all approach may not be appropriate.

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