BlackRock Leads Upcounty Distribution Site


Dear Community Partner,  

Thank you for participating in the discussion about the creation of an UpCounty Distribution Hub for Community Needs at BlackRock Center for the Arts (BlackRock). We are grateful for everyone’s work toward meeting the needs of so many people in upper Montgomery County who are being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, we can create greater access to essential items for individuals, children, families and seniors whose needs are not fully met by the current system in the UpCounty region.  

BlackRock will serve as the distribution hub for donated essential goods such as packaged food, diapers (infant and adult), health care kits, toilet paper, and paper towels. We already received the first donation of food from Nourish Now and The David and Mikel Blair Foundation which will be delivered to families this week. This week only, we are also looking for donations of Easter candy (individually wrapped, nut free) to fill donated baskets that will be given to 300 local children for Saturday’s distribution.  

In order to achieve our vision of serving upper Montgomery County as an essential distribution hub, we are recruiting additional partners to join us, The David and Mikel Blair Family Foundation, Healthcare Initiative Foundation, Latino Health Initiative, and Nourish Now to:

-Consolidate and repackage donated goods for community distribution pick-up in BlackRock’s parking lot:
-Large deliveries to communities such as Clopper Mill Elementary School and
Waters Landing
-Home delivery distributions to vulnerable and/or homebound populations  

Trucks or vans provided by community partners will be used for large deliveries.

Volunteers’ vehicles and ride share services (Lyft, Uber) will be used for smaller deliveries.   BlackRock is centrally located in Germantown Town Center and next to the public library. We have a large parking lot behind our building and there is free on street parking in front of our building. We also have several exterior entrances into spaces that will be used to consolidate, repackage and pick-up donations. The distribution center and scheduling will be managed by BlackRock’s Operations Director who will ensure safe social distancing practices are always in place, as well as oversee the county’s cleaning services, and all other onsite services, as required. Donated items can be dropped off at the BlackRock from Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  

We know that many of you offer specific services, such as specializing in case management, volunteer meal delivery, food recovery and distribution, snack packs, and distribution of large donations. If you are able to participate in our partnership, please complete this form. Please indicate on the form any type of tracking you may need, so that we can ensure you have the data that you need for reporting purposes.  

We are in this together and through collaborative partnership, we can meet the needs of the upper Montgomery County community. If you are not able to participate at this time or if you have any questions, please let me know.   Stay healthy and safe,  

Lynn Andreas Arndt
Chief Executive Officer, BlackRock Center for the Arts
12901 Town Commons Drive Germantown, MD 20874

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