At first glance, the health of Montgomery County, MD is among the most highly ranked in the United States. However, health of our population is not uniform throughout the County. For instance, someone born in White Flint can expect to live 76 years. 5 miles away in Bethesda, life expectancy increases to 92 years.

Produced in 2018 by the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Center on Society and Health for the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) Health Officials Committee, the study examines the health of the community at the census tract level, focusing on life expectancy and the factors that shape health.  This report was made possible by the support of the Healthcare Initiative Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, Northern Virginia Health Foundation, and Potomac Health Foundation. In 2020, COG released a compendium report, Health Equity: How Opportunities for Health are Shaped by Race and Ethnicity.

The Uneven Opportunity Landscape in Montgomery County, Maryland