Our Mission

The Healthcare Initiative Foundation supports organizations that offer solutions to improve the quality and delivery of healthcare for residents of Montgomery County, MD.

Our Vision

We envision a Montgomery County whose residents are served by an equitable high-quality, comprehensive, cost-effective and sustainable healthcare system.

Our Beliefs

We believe that creativity generates solutions. We support both traditional and innovative solutions to health and wellness challenges – concepts to test, best practices to implement, efficiencies to execute, equipment to employ, and successes to replicate.

We believe that innovative solutions flourish and are sustained in strong nonprofits. Strong nonprofits need solid leadership and the organizational capacity to plan, implement, and assess their programs. We consider grants to build organizational capacity for the county’s health and wellness nonprofits.

We believe that strong nonprofits exercise responsible stewardship. Responsible stewards aim for sustainability by raising and managing sufficient funds, operating cost effectively, and leveraging all manner of resources and relationships.

We believe that responsible stewards are accountable. Accountability is demonstrated through leadership integrity and competence, responsiveness to consumers, transparency, and systematic efforts to track meaningful results.

We believe that the Healthcare Initiative Foundation and our grantee partners are accountable to those who reside in Montgomery County, Maryland for improving health and wellness in our community.