Storytelling Project

Storytelling Project

In the coming year (2022-2023), Healthcare Initiative Foundation will highlight our FY22 Capacity Building grant partners’ programming, innovations, partnership.  Sharing this work will elevate the impact had on members of the Montgomery County community. Just as important, these stories reflect how innovation is influencing organizational and systemic change for a more equitable healthcare system.  Through these stories, created by our grant partners, the Foundation will be able to lift up and highlight the leaders within each program and organization that are making the change a reality while illustrating the hard work that it takes to create change.

Each and every day, the Foundation continues to be inspired by how our  Montgomery County nonprofit community is rising up to challenges and we want to help share these stories!  From June 2022 through July 2023, we have asked each of our FY22 Capacity Building Grant partners to share their work with us in a medium of storytelling that fits their works. We will use our available platforms to share their passion and commitment with the greater community.

Warrior Canine Connection

In FY22, HIF invested $20,000 to continue the ongoing Mission-based Trauma Recovery (MBTR) program through WCC. MBTR allows military veterans to assist in the training of service dogs, through professional facilitation, with the goal of another veteran receiving that service animal for physical and mental wellness. Warrior Canine Connection is based in Boyds, Md. Here is their story.


In FY22, HIF invested $20,000 to support CASA’s ongoing commitment to provide equitable and culturally-competent awareness about breast cancer risks and education on available preventative measures. With HIF’s funding, #200 women will receive assistance and #50 of those referred will complete a mammogram screening. On May 21, CASA co-hosted the 2022 Social Justice Summit with No Studios. They presented on the panel entitled, “Public Health for Whom? Exploring the Challenges and Possibilities in Health Justice for the Immigrant Community.” Here is their story.

American Kidney Fund

In FY22, HIF invested $20,000 to support American Kidney Fund‘s safety-net grant program to support people in Montgomery County who experience kidney disease. The safety-net grants will allow #80 members of our community who need access to life-sustaining medications, supplies, and medical appointments. This is the first investment that the American Kidney Fund has received from HIF. Here is the June 2022 press release highlighting this partnership.

Maryland Foundation of Dentistry – Donated Dental Services

In FY22, HIF invested $8,000 to support Maryland Foundation of Dentistry‘s (MFD) Donated Dental Services. While MFD is a state-wide nonprofit, HIF’s investment focuses on serving those residing in Montgomery County. This award will help the MFD facilitate free dental care, courtesy of dentists and dental professionals who donate their time and supplies, to improve oral health and maintain dental function for #80 eligible Montgomery County residents with intellectual, physical, or developmental disabilities who are unable to pay for their dental care who will be brought up to a good standard of dental care. To read more about MFD’s award and their work, click here.

NAMI Montgomery County

In Fy22, HIF invested $40,000 in support of NAMI Montgomery County’s free, peer-led programs for caregivers of someone living with mental illness and those experiencing mental illness. The goal of the programming is to support more than #760 community members. Programming will include NAMI Family Support Group, Family-to-Family, NAMI Basics, and NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group. To learn more about NAMI’s programs or how to volunteer, visit their website. To read more about HIF’s investment, view NAMI’s press release.

American Red Cross Serving Montgomery, Howard, and Frederick Counties

In Fy22, HIF invested $12,230 to increase three-fold the number of Black blood donors in Montgomery County by 2025 to allow more more potential matches for sickle cell disease and meet more diverse blood needs. According to the grant with American Red Cross, “Sickle cell disease (SCD) is the most common genetic blood disorder in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that in the U.S. about 1 in every 365 Black babies are born with sickle cell disease and about 1 in 13 Black babies are born with the sickle cell trait. SCD affects over 100,000 Americans and an estimated 500+ people here in Montgomery County.”

The goal of the HIF investment with American Red Cross is to see a twenty percent increase in the number of first-time Black blood donors from #468 to #562 through targeted recruitment, partnerships, and outreach campaigns.

To view a recent story of a Sickle Cell Warrior, click here.


For the last three grant cycles, HIF has invested $55,000 in CaringMatters’ ‘The Whole You’ program.  HIF was able to pilot this project as a seed investor during the FY20 Capacity Building cycle. This program is delivered in partnership with the Adventist Healthcare Shady Grove Adventist Aquilino Cancer Center.  Through the work of a Community Resource Specialist, the goal of the program is to create a system that interconnects medical and non-medical sectors so that patients can more easily access essential resources to address their medical, social, emotional and practical life needs.  To learn more about this essential work and HIF’s investment in this program, please take a few minutes to view the CaringMatter’s video sharing a client story.