Our Mission:

The Healthcare Initiative Foundation (HIF) supports organizations that offer solutions to improve the quality and delivery of healthcare for residents of Montgomery County, MD. HIF envisions a Montgomery County whose residents are served by a high-quality, comprehensive, cost-effective and sustainable healthcare system.

Grant Guidelines:

The Healthcare Initiative Foundation considers grants to 501(c)(3) healthcare nonprofits that are based in Montgomery County, Maryland, or to nonprofits that have county-based health programs activities. To access HIF’s online grant portal, click here.

Within our geographic and focus area, our areas of priority:

  • Support behavioral health and wellness across the lifespan;
  • Expand the availability and access to comprehensive health and wellness services across the lifespan;
  • Support sustainable service delivery systems and safety-net services across the lifespan focused on direct health and wellness services & place-based initiatives
  • Support sustainable service delivery systems and safety-net services across the lifespan supporting systems-based approaches, knowledge and best practices, and collective impact models; and
  • Develop a culturally competent healthcare workforce.

To view a PDF of our Grant Priorities, click here.


We generally consider new grants only after we make a site visit.

    • To be considered for a possible site visit, send a brief, informal email (4 paragraphs or less) about your organization, its mission, programs, and clientele to: [email protected]


    We make grants that:

      • Start or grow well-conceived programs/organizations;
      • Offer innovative solutions to improve the quality, accessibility and/or delivery of health and wellness services;
      • Replicate and scale successful programs and services from our own or other jurisdictions;
      • Serve HIF’s strategic priority areas and historically under-invested communities and populations (e.g,. youth of opportunity, senior communities, and Black, Indigenous, People of Color [BIPOC]);
      • Build organizational capacity to enhance sustainability and/or improve service delivery  (e.g., commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion); and
      • Leverage resources, whether human or financial (e.g., revenue, partnerships, matching, or aligned funds).


      We do not:

        • Give to endowment funds or annual campaigns;
        • Fund lobbying or political activities;
        • Make grants to individuals;
        • Provide funds to private foundations unless for a particular grant purpose;
        • Fund a nonprofit system or organization, including its affiliate(s) that owns or operates an acute care hospital in Montgomery County, Maryland;
        • Provide funds to cover bricks and mortar capital expenses;
        • Replace government funding; or
        • Fund religious activities, although secular health programs provided by a religious institution or its affiliate(s) may qualify.


        We take a comprehensive view of each application:

          • Full compliance and in good standing with relevant state, federal, and county regulations;
          • Financial sustainability of the organization (i.e., regular independent audits, Directors and Officers [D&O] insurance);
          • The quality, completeness, and comprehensiveness of the application;
          • Compliance with grant guidelines and agreement in current and previous cycles;
          • Feasibility of planned program, project, and organization to implement the request;
          • Attended a HIF grantee training and hosted a HIF site visit;
          • Amount requested and allocation of funds aligns with HIF guidelines; and
          • Geographic area of the county to be served (i.e., historically under-invested communities).

          To view this information in PDF, click here.